Our tiles are handmade and painted in the traditional style and not screen or machine printed.

  • Due to variations in products and monitor settings, images may differ from actual product.Please order samples or contact customer service for more information.

Tile Characteristics

Because maiolica tiles are handmade, generally no two pieces are exactly alike. Much of the charm and beauty of the tiles are the small imperfections and ever so slightly unique contouring of each individual tile. The surfaces of handcrafted tiles are rarely perfectly flat when scrutinized close-up.


The handmade nature gives it a warm and rustic finish. The tiles are made from clay dug out of the ground and fired to a temperature at which the clay undergoes chemical changes and becomes permanently hard. Then the tile is glazed and decorated by hand, and fired once again to give it its final and lively finish. Its physical characteristics make maiolica tiles particularly attractive and distinctive.


The tiles come in several sizes, with the 4”x 4” square the most common. You can get the tiles in approximate sizes as 2”x 2”, 3″x 3″, 4”x 4” and 6”x 6”. Again, the aforementioned dimensions are approximate, but close to the advertised sizes on the website.


All of the tiles purchased at Patricio Talavera Tile are covered with a gloss glaze making them virtually waterproof, but slippery when wet. Some surface irregularities can occur such as small surface pops or puddles of glaze in depressions of the tile.


The terms ‘crazing’ and ‘crackling’ are inherent characteristics of many of the tiles. Crackling describes the appearance of small cracks in the glaze surface and crazing is when the tile seems to reveal tiny spider-web fractures in the glaze mixture which gives it a faceted look. Neither will harm nor cause the tiles to weaken over time.


As we use hand dug clay and our colors come from natural sources, variation in the color and size may occur. There is no guarantee the tiles ordered after your first shipment will be exactly alike. Therefore, it is recommended that you should consider ordering 5 to 10 percent additional tiles for future chipping, breakage and additions to your original application of Talavera tile.