Diseñadores y Artistas

Arte Ventosa is pleased to announce that Gennaro Garcia is now a part of the Familia Ventosa and he will be creating his beautiful art using the Arte Ventosa shop and Maoilica process.

  • Gennaro is one of Calle 16 (THE MURAL PROJECT) cofounders in Phoenix, AZ. Calle 16 is a nonprofit group that is focused on creating murals that truly represent the diverse communities that live in Phoenix. Gennaro was the second Latino Artist in 26 years (after Fernando Botero from Colombia) to have a solo show at the Calvin Charles Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ).
  • Combining Italian techniques for working with oils, acrylics, wood, plaster and a color palette from his childhood in Mexico, Gennaro’s art showcases both world class skill and a true Latino immigrant perspective. Gennaro’s art pieces are featured in many commercial and residential interiors and he has participated in more than 60 exhibits in the last 4 years, including seven solo shows.
  • Recently, Gennaro reached his personal goal of exhibiting solo in his native land with an exhibit in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. So much of his art is inspired by his dual identities as both Mexican and now, American.
  • Currently, you can see Gennaro’s art in 10 different galleries in the United States and 2 in Mexico. He is also working with film director, Carlos Munoz, from Mexico City on a short film about his journey as an artist in Mexico. Salvador Robledo, an American film maker, is concurrently shooting a complementary documentary about his transition and art in the United States.